Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Three Beautiful Artifacts :D

 Hill-tribe Jewelry

The silver jewelry were used to invest a family’s wealth and are usually used to pass down as family heirlooms. They are also worn to show their status and independence.
1st Difference- Gold is now more commonly used to invest in as a family heirloom and is more valuable than silver.
2nd Difference- The modern day jewelry is not as heavy or bulky so that people can wear it in their hectic lives easily.
3rd Difference- Now, due to security issues, silver is mostly locked up and aluminium is used as it’s substitute.

 Pejeng-style Bronze Drum

This drum has a unique hour-glass shape and it is intricately designed with detailed carvings such that similar drums are rarely found around the world. It is used as a form of musical instrument.
Its modern day version is the musical drums we see in a band. Firstly, the body of the modern band drum is usually made of plastic as it is lightweight and durable. Secondly, the modern drums do not have intricate designs as they are usually manufactured in bulk by machines. Lastly, the modern drum is not as huge and bulky as the bronze drum, so they are easily transported overseas to sell.

"Magic" Bark Book (pustaha)

This book is used to record magic formulae, oracles, medicinal recipes, and instructions for performing rituals and producing various magic cures to pass on the knowledge of preserving life, the art of destroying life and the art of fortune-telling to people. It consists of myths, legends and magical spells.
Its modern day version is the documents available to be accessed on the internet. The first difference is that it can be shared to many people easily and all at the same time. The second is that the modern version is not bulky and can be accessed easily anywhere. The last difference is that it is difficult to damage and does not fade over time.

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