Friday, March 25, 2011

My IH mobile eLearning Reflection

Overall I think it was a pretty fun experience and I loved and enjoyed it. Even though we did get lost along the way but i fond myself bonding more with my friends and got to know more about Singapore at the same time. I got to see many beautiful artifacts like the ones we used for the post earlier on, I got to see what was along the Singapore river and found out that there were so many bridges in Singapore after all. This year, the eLearning had a little more history imbued into it compared to last year and it let me know about how items evolve and change over time and how many historical sites are still here today near the Singapore River.

Compared to last year, the eLearning this year was much more enjoyable and we got to move around more. I look forward to similar learning sessions in future as it is truly ENJOYABLE! :D

-Grace Tan Soo Woon

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